Frequently asked questions

What is FindBob?

- FindBob is a dynamic online solution that allows Advisors to interact with one another in an anonymous and convenient way centered around the topic of business growth and succession planning. Basically, our name stands for Find a Book of Business!

What does FindBob do?

- FindBob helps Advisors achieve their business goals by providing relevant content, accredited Continuing Education opportunities, the ability to set and work towards goals, and a marketplace to connect with like-minded Advisors to achieve those goals.

Does FindBob broker Book of Business deals?

- No, FindBob does not broker business deals but offers a valuable platform for Advisors to find books of business to buy or sell, partner, merge, and other opportunities for business growth.

Can I use FindBob for more than just buying or selling a book of business?

- Yes! Whether you’re looking to grow, merge, partner, or develop a succession plan, FindBob can help. In addition to finding like-minded Advisors looking to complement your business goals you can take accredited courses to stay current, set goals to keep you accountable, find up-to-date relevant industry content, and use our proprietary valuation tools.